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Can my employer fire me because I am serving as a federal juror?

No. Jury service is a citizen's obligation and the employer has to provide the employee with time to serve. Your employment is protected by Federal and State Law. It is illegal for an employer to take reprisals or fire an employee because of jury service. Any employer who violates the provisions of 28 U. S.C. ยง 1875:

  • Shall be liable for damages for any loss of wages or other benefits suffered by an employee by reason of such violation;
  • May be enjoined from futher violations of this section and ordered to provide other appropriate relief, including but not limited to the reinstatement of any employee discharged by reason of his jury service; and,
  • Shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $5,000.00 for each violation as to each employee, and may be ordered to perform community service.

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