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E-FILING: What should I do if I make a mistake while opening a new case in CM/ECF?

Call any Northern District of Florida Clerk's Office for assistance as soon as you recognize that a mistake has been made and before aborting the case opening process.

While we would prefer that the case opening process not be aborted until after you have spoken with a member of Clerk's Office staff, we recognize that you may be working after business hours when a problem has been encountered. If so, please make a note of the failed case number and report it to a member of Clerk's Office staff the next business day. In addition, it is very important that you refrain from listing the failed case number as a related, lead, or member case of any subsequent corrective case opening.

If you are new to the electronic case opening process, then we suggest that case openings be performed during normal business hours so that we may provide training assistance to you.

Clerk's Office contact numbers include:

  • Gainesville 352/380-2400
  • Panama City 850/769-4556
  • Pensacola 850/435-8440
  • Tallahassee 850/521-3501

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