When should the event "Amended Document (NOT motion)" be used by an attorney?

CM/ECF (Electronic Case Filing)

"Amended Document (NOT motion)" was created to allow attorneys to amend a previously filed document that is not a motion. This event allows the user to upload a PDF document and link or make reference to an existing document.

Reasons for amending an existing filing may include the need to correct existing docket text or to correct an improperly formatted PDF document.


An attorney e-files a "Report of Rule 26(f) Planning Meeting" using a scanned PDF document. The next day, the attorney is notified by the clerk that the scanned PDF is incomplete and improperly oriented on the screen making it unreadable.

To correct this error, the attorney should re-scan the Report and e-file the corrected PDF using the event "Amended Document (NOT motion)". During the e-filing process, the event will allow the user to create a link (or a reference) to the original entry, upload the corrected PDF document, and add text to indicate the reason for the re-filing (e.g., "see corrected PDF document").

E-filing using the event "Amended Document (NOT motion)" will produce a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) causing the corrected PDF to be electronically transmitted to all attorneys of record who have registered for ECF.

NOTE: The amendment of motions should be accomplished by e-filing the motion using the proper motion relief type (e.g., "for extension of time", "for leave to file", etc.) and selecting "Amended" from the drop down menu that appears on the text edit screen found during the latter portion of the event.