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NEFs: How do attorneys access an electronically filed PDF document through the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) Email?

Mouse-click the document number hyperlink (appearing as an underlined number in blue on the NEF) to cause a login screen to appear. Next, input your login and password information for as directed by the titled located at the top of the screen.

If the e-filing involved only one PDF file, then Adobe Reader will load and will give you access to view, print, and save the file. If the e-filing involved multiple documents, then you will be presented with a list of the associated documents and their descriptive names.

The first document in this list will be labeled "Main Document". Accessing this PDF will not cause you to incur PACER charges if you have logged in as the attorney of record in the case. Accessing all subsequent documents in this list will result in PACER charges at this time.

If you find that you have been charged for a "free look" document by PACER, simply circle the charges in question and send a letter to PACER asking that the bill be corrected.

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