Other Orders

995 - Order & Notice

This Order identifies the six cases randomly selected from the 27 cases in the second discovery pool with Lexecon waivers from both sides, which will be placed on a fast-track for discovery and trial, as set forth in Case Management Order No. 15.

Global Settlement Order Number 1

This Order establishes initial parameters by which the global mediation of this matter will proceed.

Order, Settlement of First Trial Pool Cases

This Order memorializes the settlement of the first three trial pool cases.  All discovery and pretrial deadlines in those cases are suspended and the proceedings stayed. 

Order Setting Settlement Conference, 871

This Order sets a settlement conference, with respect to the three cases currently set for trial, for Friday, April 27, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. (CDT). The Settlement Master, Cathy Yanni, and the Settlement Committee will be in attendance.


Order, 849

On the parties’ joint request, due to trial and mediation preparation, the Fourteenth Case Management Conference currently scheduled for April 18, 2018 is hereby cancelled. All other deadlines remain in effect. 


Common Benefit Fund Order No. 5, 848

This Order is entered to provide for the fair and equitable sharing among

plaintiffs, and their counsel, of the burden of services performed and expenses incurred by attorneys acting for the common benefit of all plaintiffs in this complex



Order Adopting Proposed Case-Specific Deadlines for Lilly Case, 834

With one exception, the parties’ proposed order is adopted.  The hearing on Lilly-specific Daubert and dispositive motions

cannot be held on July 31, 2018. The Court finds it appropriate to set that hearing for August 3,

2018, which is the date already set for the pretrial conference in the Lilly matter.



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