Other Orders

Pretrial Order No. 6

Plaintiff leadership presentations

Pretrial Order No. 4

Schedule and procedure for appointing the plaintiff leadership structure; Application for plaintiff leadership position

Pretrial Order No. 3

Master and individual dockets; Electronic filing; Attorney Admission; Notices of Appearance; Service of Process

Pretrial Order No. 2

Consolidation; Setting initial case management conference; Appointment of interim lead and liaison counsel; Extension of time for Defendants to respond to complaint(s); Stay of discovery; Misc. administrative matters

Transfer Order from the JPML

Order from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, transferring this case to the Northern District of Florida.

Pretrial Order No. 1

Magistrate Judge Gary R. Jones assigned to the litigation.

995 - Order & Notice

This Order identifies the six cases randomly selected from the 27 cases in the second discovery pool with Lexecon waivers from both sides, which will be placed on a fast-track for discovery and trial, as set forth in Case Management Order No. 15.


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