Other Orders

Pretrial Order No. 42

Plaintiffs’ discovery obligations regarding electronically stored information relevant to the Bellwether Plaintiffs

Pretrial Order No. 41

Joint Coordination Order Relating to Minnesota Actions

Pretrial Order No. 40

Amends the discovery and trial schedule set forth in Pretrial No. 28 for the initial bellwether cases.

Case Management Order No. 12

Federal-state court coordination order; Earplugs and wallet card samples; Government discovery; Corporate discovery; Bellwether cases; Oral arguments on cross-motions for summary judgment; Upcoming case management conferences

Pretrial Order No. 39

Amendments to Pretrial Order No. 25 regarding the manner in which the parties may obtain, review, share, and use certain confidential records produced by the Department of Veterans Affairs

Order of Appointment

Ellen K. Reisman appointed as Special Master

Pretrial Order No. 38

Amended Plaintiff Leadership Reappointments

Case Management Order No. 11

Remote depositions; State court coordination order; Earplug and Wallet Card Samples; Case management conferences through end of 2020


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