Other Orders

Pretrial Order No. 4

Schedule and procedure for appointing the plaintiff leadership structure; Application for plaintiff leadership position

Pretrial Order No. 3

Master and individual dockets; Electronic filing; Attorney Admission; Notices of Appearance; Service of Process

Pretrial Order No. 2

Consolidation; Setting initial case management conference; Appointment of interim lead and liaison counsel; Extension of time for Defendants to respond to complaint(s); Stay of discovery; Misc. administrative matters

Transfer Order from the JPML

Order from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, transferring this case to the Northern District of Florida.

Pretrial Order No. 1

Magistrate Judge Gary R. Jones assigned to the litigation.

995 - Order & Notice

This Order identifies the six cases randomly selected from the 27 cases in the second discovery pool with Lexecon waivers from both sides, which will be placed on a fast-track for discovery and trial, as set forth in Case Management Order No. 15.

Global Settlement Order Number 1

This Order establishes initial parameters by which the global mediation of this matter will proceed.

Order, Settlement of First Trial Pool Cases

This Order memorializes the settlement of the first three trial pool cases.  All discovery and pretrial deadlines in those cases are suspended and the proceedings stayed. 


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