Other Orders

Order Regarding Science Day and MDL Website

This Order schedules Science Day for February 23, 2017. It also announces the establishment of this Abilify MDL website.

Order Regarding Scope of General Causation Discovery

This Order sets forth the scope of discovery on the issue of general causation, as agreed to by the parties. 

Order Regarding Master Long Form Complaint and Corresponding Short Form Complaint

This Order adopts the Master Long Form Complaint and sets deadlines to file Short Form Complaints in pending Abilify cases. 

Order on Procedures for Direct Filing and Master Pleadings

By agreement of the parties, this Order allows new Abilify cases to be filed directly into MDL No. 2734 in the Northern District of Florida. The procedures for direct filing and limitations on its impact are set forth within.

Conference Call Memo

November 7th conference call instructions.

Order Striking Notices of Appearance

This Order requires the Clerk of Court to strike all non-compliant notices of appearance. 

Order Establishing Leadership Structure

This Order establishes counsel leadership structure and solicits applications from interested attorneys of record. The application form is Attachment A.

Order Regarding Core Discovery

This Order reflects the discovery required to be produced in the New Jersey litigation and adopts the same for the MDL action. 

Order regarding docketing and filing

**AMENDED by Amended Order [ECF No. 12] filed on March 16, 2017** This Order establishes the procedures for docketing and filing in the MDL. It also establishes procedures for attorney admissions and notices of appearance.

Order Establishing Interim Procedures

This Order appoints Interim Co-Lead and Liaison Counsel for plaintiffs and establishes preliminary rules and procedures pending entry of a comprehensive case management order.


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