Pro Bono Opportunity in Case No. 4:19cv220-RH-HTC

Monday, March 1, 2021

This is notice of an opportunity to provide pro bono service either individually or by overseeing work of a law student or other qualified individual, including, for example, a retired attorney.

The case is Lavonte Gordon v. Captain Knox et al., Case No. 4:19cv220-RH-HTC. A jury trial will be set in Tallahassee at a date acceptable to both sides. The trial will probably last two or three days.

Mr. Gordon is an inmate in the Florida Department of Corrections. He is currently housed at Avon Park Correctional Institution. He alleges that while housed at Franklin Correctional Institution, the four defendants, all officials of the facility, failed to protect him from an assault by a fellow prisoner. Mr. Gordon alleges the assault came after officials heard the fellow prisoner threaten Mr. Gordon because of his sexual orientation. The case is described at greater length in the February 8, 2021 order denying summary judgment, ECF No. 71.

No further discovery is anticipated. The case is ready for trial.

Public funds are not available for the payment of attorney’s fees. Fees may be recoverable under applicable law if Mr. Gordon ultimately prevails. See 42 U.S.C. §1988. Limited funds sometimes are available from the district’s Bench and Bar Fund for the payment of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by an attorney providing representation of this type.

An attorney who wishes to represent Mr. Gordon may contact him directly and may enter the case by filing a notice of appearance.

Under a Florida Bar Foundation program, a law student may be available to provide representation under the supervision of an attorney. An attorney willing to supervise a law student, or who wishes to obtain more information about this possibility, may obtain information at <> or may contact Jessica Brown, Director of Communications for The Florida Bar Foundation, at <> or (407) 960-7000 extension 103. Upon deciding to proceed, such an attorney may contact Mr. Gordon and file a notice of appearance.

Access to the electronic docket will be made available without charge for consideration of a response to this notice.

SO ORDERED on March 1, 2021.