Proposed Orders Procedures

All proposed orders should be emailed to the appropriate chambers at the email addresses listed below. These email addresses are not to be used for any correspondence other than proposed orders. Please note that proposed orders must be emailed as an attachment in a word processing format ONLY (no .pdf files for proposed orders, please). 

Note that some judges may not require attorneys to supply proposed orders to them. Consult a member of the Clerk’s Office or chambers if you have any questions in this regard.

Article III Judges

Judge Lacey Collier
Judge Robert L. Hinkle
Judge Maurice M. Paul
Chief Judge M. Casey Rodgers
Judge William Stafford
Judge Roger Vinson
Judge Mark E. Walker


Magistrate Judges

Magistrate Judge Larry Bodiford
Magistrate Judge Miles Davis
Magistrate Judge Gary R. Jones
Magistrate Judge Charles J. Kahn
Magistrate Judge Charles Stampelos
Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Timothy