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  1. Can I file documents in my case electronically?

    ... No, only attorneys admitted to practice in this court can file electronically. All pro se litigants must submit documents to the Clerk of Court and the Clerk will electronically file the document for you. ...

  2. How do I file a pleading for another attorney in my firm while they are either on vacation or out of the office on other business?

    ... User" to use an attorney of record's password and login to e-file pleadings in a case. In addition, attorneys admitted to practice within the Northern District of Florida may file pleadings on behalf of another using their own CM/ECF password and ...

  3. How much does it cost to file a case?

    ... Pro Se Filers Answer:  The fee to file a civil case and a complete list of filing fees can be found on the fee ...

  4. Deadline for OPC to file its motion to dismiss on personal jurisdiction grounds

    Event Date and TIme:  Monday, January 23, 2017 Event Type:  Deadline

  5. Can an attorney file a document ex parte?

    Type:  CM/ECF (Electronic Case Filing) Answer:  Attorneys have access to three ex parte events including: ...

  6. Where should I file my case (which Division)?

    Type:  Pro Se Filers Answer:  The Northern District of Florida consists of four divisions:  Gainesville , Panama City , Pensacola , and Tallahassee .  Each division serves the surrounding counties . The division...

  7. Can an attorney file a Notice of Appeal electronically and pay the fee online?

    Type:  CM/ECF (Electronic Case Filing) Answer:  Yes. The various Notice of Appeal events have been programmed to allow attorneys who need to pay the appeal filing fee the opportunity to do so via

  8. Can attorneys file sealed documents in civil (cv), criminal (cr), or magistrate (mj) cases using CM/ECF?

    Type:  CM/ECF (Electronic Case Filing) Answer:  At this time, all sealed documents must be filed in paper with the Clerk of Court during normal business hours. 

  9. Can attorneys file case initiating documents, such as complaints and Notices of Removal, electronically through CM/ECF?

    Type:  CM/ECF (Electronic Case Filing) Answer:  Case initiating documents, e.g., Complaints and Notices of Removal, may be filed electronically by attorneys authorized to practice in this district as long as payment is made...

  10. Hurricane Michael - Courthouse Closures

    ... assigned district judge resides.  Parties may continue to file cases and post to Panama City in CM/ECF, but proceedings will be in the ...