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Court Addresses

United States Courthouse
One North Palafox St.
Pensacola, FL 32502


Clerk's Office Main Line  (850) 435-8440
Clerk's Office Main Fax (850) 433-5972


District Judge L. A. Collier
(850) 444-0174
   Fax Number
(850) 444-0177
District Judge M. C. Rodgers (850) 435-8448
  Fax Number
(850) 437-7897
District Judge R. Vinson 
(850) 435-8444
   Fax Number
(850) 435-8489
District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II (850) 470-8101
 Fax Number (850) 470-8108
Magistrate Judge H. Cannon (850) 470-3090
   Fax Number Not Available
Magistrate Judge M. Davis
(850) 470-8135
   Fax Number
Not Available
Magistrate Judge C. Kahn (850) 470-8122
  Fax Number (850) 470-8148
Magistrate Judge Z. Bolitho
(850) 437-6823
   Fax Number
(850) 437-7760

Jury Administration

Automated Juror Information Line (866) 560-4756 (Option 1)
Jury Administration - Main Line (850) 521-3705
Fax Number (850) 521-3677


Court Security - Front Desk
(850) 470-8131
Court Reporter - Julie Wycoff
(850) 470-8196
Court Reporter - Heidi Doogan
(850) 470-8189
Federal Public Defender
(850) 432-1418
U.S. Attorney's Office
(850) 444-4000
U.S. Bankruptcy Clerk's Office
(866) 639-4615
U.S. Marshals Service
(850) 469-8270
U.S. Probation Office
(850) 435-8430


Alachua County Circuit Court
(352) 374-3636
Bay County Circuit Court
(850) 763-9061
Escambia County Circuit Court
(850) 595-3930
First District Court of Appeals
(850) 488-6151
Florida Supreme Court
(850) 488-0125
Leon County Circuit Court
(850) 577-4000
The Florida Bar
(850) 561-5600



Open Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM CT, except on holidays.


From I-10 take I-110 to downtown Pensacola. From I-110 take exit 1C, Garden St., and then turn right on Baylen St. (third traffic light), and then another right on Gregory St and then the entrance to the parking lot will be on your right. Please do not park in the spaces outlined in yellow as they are reserved. Parking rates are by the hour and the self-service machine accepts coins or credit cards. It is recommended you pay the full day rate of $4.50. Jurors will be reimbursed for parking expenses in their jury check. Jurors may use the option of the Park Pensacola mobile app.

Please DO NOT park under the interstate and ride the trolley, that service is for State Court jurors, not Federal Court jurors, and will take you to the wrong Courthouse. 

The United States Courthouse is on Palafox St., to the South of Gregory Street on the same side of Palafox Street as the parking lot.


Take the I-110 Downtown exit off of Interstate I-10. Take the Garden Street exit off of Interstate I-110. Travel west on Garden St. to the intersection of Garden St. and Palafox St. The Courthouse is located at the intersection of Garden St. and Palafox St.


Main Phone: 

(850) 435-8440