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Pro Bono Opportunity in Case 3:21cv3547-MCR-HTC

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Having resolved Defendants’ motion for summary judgment, see ECF Doc. 58, the Court finds this matter is ready to be set for trial. This Order sets forth the procedures and requirements for the parties’ pretrial narratives and other trial
materials. Also, the Court finds it appropriate to sua sponte post a request for volunteer counsel and will direct the clerk to issue a notice to all attorneys registered with the Court’s electronic filing system inviting them to represent Plaintiff pro bono.
However, Plaintiff is advised that the fact that the Court is requesting volunteer counsel does not mean that any counsel will actually agree to represent Plaintiff in this case. As the Court has repeatedly stated, there is no constitutional right to
counsel for civil plaintiffs and the Court has no authority to require an unwilling attorney to represent an indigent litigant.