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Pro Bono Opportunity in Case 3:22cv09570-LC-HTC

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Before the Court is Plaintiff’s “Motion of Inquiry,” which “seeks to consult” the Court about the Local Rules related to pretrial matters. ECF Doc. 107. The Court will direct the clerk to terminate the “Motion” because it does not contain a cognizable request for relief, the Court cannot provide a party with legal advice, and, regardless, the Local Rules do not address the pretrial matters listed by Plaintiff. Instead, Plaintiff must comply with the Court’s October 27, 2023 Order, which requires him to submit a narrative written statement of the facts he will present at trial, an exhibit list, and a witness list. ECF Doc. 106.
In addition, Plaintiff previously requested the assistance of counsel to help him prosecute this case, which was denied. ECF Docs. 56, 57, 89, & 90. Considering Defendants’ motion for summary judgment has been denied, ECF Doc. 105, and this case is moving towards trial, the Court will sua sponte direct the clerk
to issue a notice to all attorneys registered with the Court’s electronic filing system inviting an attorney to represent Plaintiff. This Order is merely a request for an attorney to represent Plaintiff; an attorney may decline to appear in this case. Plaintiff, therefore, should continue to prosecute his case and continue to comply with all Court orders at this time, including the order directing him to submit his pretrial materials.